NFL fan violence being reviewed

The NFL's new chief of security, Jeff Miller, is on a plane headed to the San Francisco Bay Area as part of the league's review of fan violence stemming from Saturday's 49ers-Raiders game.

Miller, who launched the NFL's Fan Code of Conduct in 2008, will meet with San Francisco chief of police Gregg Suhr to discuss coordination of league game-day security.

The meeting comes after after two men were shot and wounded following the 49ers' 17-3 victory over the Raiders.

The plan for league game-day security does
not include adding more police, rather dispatching an organized patrol of pregame parking lots, clearing those lots of anybody who is not inside the stadium by kickoff and then inside the stadium.
This is done by having two teams of police -- one that is actively patrolling seating sections and restrooms and another team available to respond.

Miller will attend the 49ers game Saturday and the Raiders game on Sunday.

Apart from the shootings, a third victim, a 26-year-old man, was also hospitalized in serious condition Sunday after he was knocked unconscious in a stadium bathroom during the 49ers-Raiders game. That attack appeared unrelated to the other two, police said.

The shootings in the parking lot at Candlestick Park evoked memories of another recent disturbing act of postgame violence involving two rival California pro sports teams -- the near-fatal beating this spring of a San Francisco Giants fan outside Dodger Stadium.

The NFL receives detailed security reports after each week's slate of games and provide a full audit and review. That includes handing out grades to all 32 NFL teams at the end of the season even while reviewing procedures in-season.

San Francisco has not graded well while Oakland has made significant security improvements since 2008, according to league sources.

Chris Mortensen is an ESPN senior NFL analyst.