Lawyer appealed ban without consent?

Terrelle Pryor's attorney, David Cornwell, filed a letter on Aug. 25 to appeal the Oakland quarterback's league-mandated five-game suspension, but did so without discussing it with Pryor, his agent Drew Rosenhaus or the NFL Players' Association, according to a source.

However, when Cornwell filed the paperwork, all he did was reserve Pryor's right to appeal the ban. Cornwell has not been in recent contact with Pryor, Rosenhaus, or anyone in the former Ohio State quarterback's camp.

When Pryor made a deal with the NFL to be declared eligible for the supplemental draft, he was told that the only way he would be allowed in would be to serve the five-game suspension, according to a source.

There are people connected to Pryor who don't want to renege on that deal and both Pryor and Rosenhaus have said publicly they would not appeal.
Some players around the league have been outspoken regarding the suspension and would like to see an appeal. However, Cornwell would need Pryor's consent in order to do so.

Adam Schefter is an NFL Insider for ESPN.