Chad Henne hurts left shoulder

SAN DIEGO -- Dolphins quarterback Chad Henne hurt his left shoulder on a broken play in the first quarter of Miami's 26-16 loss to San Diego.

Henne went to hand off to Lex Hilliard, who wasn't ready for the ball. Henne was hit by Shaun Phillips and stayed on the ground for a few minutes. He walked off the field, then went into the locker room. When he came back out to the sideline, it was clear he wasn't going back in.

"I wanted to see how it felt, but the risk was too heavy to do," Henne said. "Doctors will let me throw tomorrow, we'll get some more tests done, see how my strength is."

Henne said it was a checkdown to a run and there were "missed communications with the running back. Injuries happen. I'll bounce back."

Backup Matt Moore came on and completed a 31-yard pass to Charles Clay. He finished 17 of 26 for 167 yards and an interception.

Information from The Associated Press contributed to this report.