Source: Colt McCoy nearly recovered

Despite not making the trip to Arizona this weekend, Cleveland Browns quarterback Colt McCoy is said to be nearly recovered from the concussion he suffered two Thursday nights ago against the Pittsburgh Steelers, a league source said.

McCoy is expected to take and pass his concussion test early this week, putting him on pace to play the final two games against the Baltimore Ravens and Steelers.

Meanwhile, the NFL Players Association will decide early this week whether to file a grievance against the Browns, publicly criticize the NFL or ask for reforms in how players with concussions are treated during games, calling for an independent neurologist stationed on the sideline. Each option is being considered this weekend.

Even after its visit to Cleveland, the NFLPA is baffled as to how so many people -- Cleveland's coaches, the officials, the NFL representative in the coaching booth, the Browns training staff and McCoy's teammates -- could allow a concussed player to re-enter the game without a concussion test.

The NFLPA believes the protocol was broken and it wants to take steps to ensure it won't happen again.

Adam Schefter is ESPN's NFL Insider.