Adrian Peterson explains number drama

Adrian Peterson was mulling changing his uniform number for next season -- until he found out how much lighter it would make him in the wallet.

The Minnesota Vikings running back shared via his Twitter account Wednesday that he was thinking of changing from the No. 28 to No. 23 but that it would cost him $1 million to make the switch.

"So here is the deal with the number change! So I received a call and I was informed that I would've to buy all jerseys that's been produced … Thus far! N the total amount that I would have to pay blew my mind!!!!!," he wrote.

He continued his rant to his followers, explaining his frustration.

"Why? Ok so I see maybe ten thousand dollars of my total jersey sales! That's it!!! In I know I've mostly likely been in the top ten … When it comes to top sales ! Why in the hell do I have to pay a Million dollars to change my number! I don't even get paid a million … Dollars by my sponsors a year! Wow!!! … N I'm talking about my nike deal!," he wrote.

Peterson signed a seven-year, $100 million deal before this season with $40 million coming in the first three years. But $1 million was too steep a price to pay to change his number. He said he wasn't going to "waste that type of money just to change a number on my work uniform!"

"Pay a mill to change number or keep the mill n continue to wear 28?! That's a easy one... Hell 28 it is!!! Lol," he wrote.