Roger Goodell, Smith discuss arrests

NFL commissioner Roger Goodell, troubled by the large number of player arrests this year, recently met with NFL Players Association executive director DeMaurice Smith to try to come up with a solution.

Goodell told CBSSports.com that he met with Smith last week, hoping to agree on measures with the players' union to address the increasing number of arrests, especially involving drunken driving and domestic violence cases.

"We are going to do some things to combat this problem because some of the numbers on DUIs and domestic violence are going up and that disturbs me," Goodell told CBSSports.com. "When there's a pattern of mistakes, something has got to change."

There have been over 30 arrests of active NFL players in 2012 with over half involving alcohol or drug charges.

Goodell strengthened the NFL's personal conduct policy in 2007. He told CBSSports.com that he hopes to make existing substance abuse and player conduct policies even stronger. The website reported that both the league office and the union have agreed to keep the substance of these negotiations quiet.

"We've had some really good discussions with the union," Goodell told CBSSports.com. "Now we just have to see if we can carry through with them."