Pro Bowl to stay; tweaks eyed

PHOENIX -- NFL commissioner Roger Goodell said Wednesday that the Pro Bowl will continue this season and will be played in Hawaii in the week before the Super Bowl.

Goodell said Wednesday at the owners meetings that the all-star game he once considered scrapping has been scheduled for Aloha Stadium on Jan. 26. He added that Hawaii will be included "on some sort of rotational basis" in any future Pro Bowl scheduling.

Goodell was encouraged by the level of performance in this year's game, won 62-35 by the NFC.

"They clearly made a very positive effort in the way they played the game this year," Goodell said.

Hoping to spice up the struggling Pro Bowl, NFL owners this week discussed an option to enhance the quality of the game.

The league discussed numerous changes in the game, including one in which the selected players would be involved in a "pickup game" concept. One source who spoke with ESPN.com questioned whether the owners would go for such a different idea.

Under the "pickup game" concept, team captains would be appointed and they would be involved in picking the players for their teams. That selection process could be involved in a television show a week or so prior to the Pro Bowl.

Goodell added that the system for choosing the players won't change, but some consideration has been given to having team captains select their rosters, rather than an AFC vs. NFC format.

"They have really come up with some very creative ideas," Goodell said of players and staff members he has spoken to. "One was the idea that players are selected as they have been in the past, but the teams are decided through a draft. That could be done by a captain.

"To use an example from this past year we talked about was Peyton Manning picks one team and Eli Manning picks the other team."

The NFL has discussed rotating the site of the game in places such as Phoenix, New Orleans, Miami and possibly the new stadium in San Jose, a source confirmed.

Information from ESPN.com senior writer John Clayton and The Associated Press was used in this report.