Christian Ponder had ER scare

Minnesota Vikings quarterback Christian Ponder said Wednesday that the bruised triceps on his throwing arm that kept him out of his team's playoff loss at Green Bay has healed fully, but he had a scare about two weeks after the season when the contusion came back, his arm swelled up and the muscle hardened.

Ponder said he thought it was a blood clot and went to the emergency room to be safe. He described the trip to the hospital as "scary" because the ER doctor initially wanted to rush him into surgery. But he called Vikings trainer Eric Sugarman, who talked to the doctor and advised that they give Ponder an MRI first.

"I called Sugs first, and thank goodness, because the doctor in the ER -- she was a great help, but like wanted to go into surgery," Ponder told reporters, according to 1500ESPN.com. "She thought it was compartmental syndrome. Luckily, Sugs called at the right moment and talked to the doctor and said don't do anything crazy, just go get him an MRI to make sure, and it ended up being fine."

Ponder said that about two weeks later, "all the effects went away."

"Since then, I've been working out probably two months, and it's been fine," he said.

Meanwhile, defensive end Jared Allen said in a radio interview Wednesday night that he's healing well from offseason shoulder surgery and is excited to get ready for the season.

In an interview with SiriusXM NFL Radio, Allen said he has about "95 percent of my motion back" and is working now on strengthening his shoulder.

"I can't wait to get this year going. I'm ready to go out and knock some heads," he said. "I got a bad taste in my mouth after being embarrassed in the playoffs, and hopefully these young guys do, too, and we can make a run at this thing."

Allen is entering the final season of his contract but said he isn't worrying too much about his potential free agency in 2014.

"My motto is, if I take care of it on the field, the rest of it takes care of itself," he said.

Allen said he thought the Vikings had a great draft and if these rookies work as hard as the 2012 draft class did, the Vikings will be in good shape.

"You go back to last year's draft, the work ethic I saw out of these young guys coming into training camp, man, if they continue to work this year like they did last year we should have a good team, a good year," he said. "And God willing, if everybody stays healthy we should be able to make another run at this thing."

Information from The Associated Press was used in this report.