Maurice Jones-Drew apologizes

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. -- Running back Maurice Jones-Drew, accused of throwing a punch in a recent restaurant incident, addressed the Jacksonville Jaguars Monday night as the team readied for minicamp, coach Gus Bradley said Tuesday.

Jones-Drew spoke to the media Monday and said he was disappointed by the attention the story had drawn and felt badly about becoming a distraction to the team.

"I think the biggest thing was that this team is important to him, that he so badly wants to be out here with them," Bradley said. "He did apologize for having [been] a distraction to the team, it's the last thing that we needed. He also wanted them to know he appreciated their support.

"It became real positive after the initial talk about it. I think the whole team appreciated him doing it."

Jones-Drew is still recovering from a serious mid-foot injury. He could have a couple months left in the process and it's unclear when precisely he will be cleared to return to working as the team's lead back.

Free-agent addition Justin Forsett is the team's lead back with Jones-Drew out.