Report: Ex-players eyed for HGH tests

The NFL and players' union plan to give dozens of former players human growth hormone and incorporate their subsequent HGH levels into a study, according to a USA Today Sports report Wednesday.

USA Today Sports, citing three sources with knowledge of the plan, reports that the tentative plan is to include about 100 former players in the study, of whom two-thirds would be administered HGH. The rest would get a placebo.

All of the former players' HGH levels would be tested before and after. It is unknown if any former players have agreed to take part.

The ultimate goal of the testing is to determine a "decision limit," or the highest HGH level a player can register before reaching the threshold for discipline under the yet-to-be finalized performance-enhancing drug policy, according to the report.

In the most recent collective bargaining agreement, reached two years ago, the NFL and players' union agreed to blood testing for HGH.