RG III's knee brace can be exposed

ASHBURN, Va. -- The NFL told Washington Redskins quarterback Robert Griffin III that his knee brace doesn't need to be covered up, contrary to what he said the league told him during Monday night's loss to the Philadelphia Eagles.

An NFL spokesman on Tuesday night called it a miscommunication, which is what Griffin said he had been told as well. Griffin covered up his brace during the 33-27 loss, leading many to wonder what had happened -- and whether he had it removed. Instead, it was just covered -- for the last time, it turns out.

"I don't have to cover my knee brace, so just move on accordingly," Griffin said.

The second-year passer was more happy about finishing Monday's game with a still-healthy right knee, playing for the first time in eight months to the day following major surgery. He took a number of hits, including one by cornerback Cary Williams on a blitz, and by linebacker Mychal Kendricks on an intentional grounding.

"I passed the hit test, got hit a lot," Griffin said. "I got hit every kind of way, too. That's another huge relief for everybody, the coaches, players, myself. ... To get out of that game healthy, to move forward to the next week, I think that's a big load off everybody's shoulders."

Griffin and the Redskins did not have the hoped-for season opener, falling behind 33-7 at one point. Griffin looked like a player who hadn't played a preseason game -- which he hadn't -- and like one who had spent the offseason recovering from knee surgery, which he had.

But Griffin said that wasn't an excuse for his performance, which included two interceptions. He also threw for 329 yards and two touchdowns. He also knows his throws will be framed around his injury.

"If I make a bad throw coming off an injury, it's my mechanics and I'm not driving off my back leg," he said. "But if a healthy quarterback makes a bad throw, it's just a bad throw. I understand that."