Matt Schaub has coach's support

HOUSTON -- On Sunday, right after the Texans' overtime loss to the Seattle Seahawks, Houston coach Gary Kubiak sat with his quarterback for a while to talk, one former quarterback to a current one.

For the third consecutive week, Schaub had thrown an interception that was returned for a touchdown, and for the third consecutive week, questions arose about Schaub's decision-making. It was Kubiak's job to help his quarterback recover from a game-changing poor decision.

"I don't see a lack of confidence," Kubiak said a day later. "I see some poor decision-making situations. Something that he has to handle and something that we can help him handle."

Schaub completed 31 passes for 355 yards and two touchdowns Sunday, helping the Texans to a commanding 20-3 lead in the first half. But he also threw two interceptions, one of which was particularly costly. Seahawks cornerback Richard Sherman picked off a third-down pass with 2:51 left in the fourth quarter and returned it for a game-tying touchdown that ultimately forced overtime. The Seahawks went on to win the game 23-20.

"How short of a leash is he on?" Kubiak said, before pausing. "He's our quarterback."

On Monday, the Texans held a players-only meeting and safety Danieal Manning said Schaub spoke and the team backs its quarterback "100 percent."

"Matt, we're riding behind him 100 percent," Manning to Yahoo! Sports Radio 1560. "I don't think anyone -- of course we were all pissed off about plays, everybody's like that. ... Matt has been a man about this whole time. He told us how he felt, what's going to change, what needs to change."

The Texans give Schaub the freedom to audible out of some plays, but the play on which he threw the game-changing interception was not one of them.

"No, once we called it, started the motion, it was game on," Kubiak said. "So we just had a very, very poor play like I told you."

The upside of Sunday's defeat was that the Texans emerged from the game relatively healthy, although inside linebacker Brian Cushing did not finish it after suffering a concussion. Kubiak said left tackle Duane Brown was upbeat about the toe injury that has forced him to miss the past two games but is still day to day. Starting right guard Brandon Brooks also suffered a toe injury in Sunday's loss.

But most of Kubiak's day-after news conference centered around one player and one decision.

Kubiak, who played nine seasons in the NFL as John Elway's backup, said he was glad to have the opportunity to help his players through poor stretches.

"I've been there for him when things have been really, really good and I promise I'll be there for him when they're not so good," he said. "We're there for him right now. We've got to help him work through this."