Matt Schaub ready for next game

HOUSTON -- With a deadpan face, Matt Schaub's words betrayed only a hint of emotion as he reacted to the Houston Texans fan who burned a jersey bearing his name Sunday.

The fan burned the jersey after an overtime loss in which Schaub threw yet another interception that was returned for a touchdown.

"I don't think anything about that," Schaub said. "That's someone's choice. My goal is just to make sure that when we get done with this thing again this year, he's going back out and he's going to get one to wear."

Three days after the Texans squandered a 17-point halftime lead to lose to the Seattle Seahawks 23-20 in overtime, their besieged quarterback spoke with a renewed confidence and a fervent desire to return to the football field.

Schaub sees this Sunday's game against the San Francisco 49ers as a chance to shake off the critical late-game mistake that allowed the Seahawks to tie.

"Any time you don't achieve your ultimate goal of winning, you can't wait to get back out there," Schaub said. "I could've got back out there on Monday and played, but ultimately we've got to wait a week in this business. Winning cures a lot of things. That's what we've got to do as a football team is get back on track, and that takes care of itself."

Schaub completed 31 of 49 passes for two touchdowns and 355 yards against the Seahawks. He threw one red zone interception in the first quarter, but Seattle didn't get past its own 41 on the ensuing drive.

Schaub's second interception came much later and was one of the most costly errors any player league-wide made in Week 4. The resulting narrative that Schaub was to blame for the Texans' collapse didn't sit well with his teammates.

Nor did it convince his coming opponent.

"He had a couple mistakes the last couple weeks, but you look at the offense as a whole, he's the gut that keeps the offense going," 49ers safety Donte Whitner said. "He does a good job, and if we're not on our p's and q's, if we're not going out there to prepare as he's going to prepare this week, then we'll be in trouble."

Whitner did say that facing a quarterback who recently has thrown a lot of interceptions excites a secondary.

"Always -- of course," Whitner said. "You see balls being tipped around and guys getting interceptions and running them back. You look for your opportunities out there on the football field. You go into the game feeling like that's going to happen."

Schaub has thrown six interceptions this season. He threw one in the season opener against San Diego, two against the Tennessee Titans, one against the Baltimore Ravens and two against the Seahawks.

Schaub had long conversations with coach Gary Kubiak on Sunday night and Tuesday afternoon. He spoke to his teammates during a players-only meeting Monday. What he's concerned with, he said, is not what fans or other outsiders think about his play.

"I play for my teammates, my family, this coaching staff and this organization," Schaub said. "Ultimately, if you don't get things done or you're making mistakes, you're letting your teammates down and the guys that you're in the huddle with, and that's what hurts more than anything else."