Cooper: Incident won't be forgotten

Philadelphia Eagles wide receiver Riley Cooper has completed team-required sensitivity training and paid what he called a "substantial" team-issued fine after video of him uttering a racial slur at a Kenny Chesney concert surfaced in July.

But Cooper told USA Today on Thursday he hasn't stopped dwelling on the incident.

"I think about it every day," Cooper told USA Today. "That's been the biggest obstacle I've ever had to overcome in 26 years. Absolutely, it will never be forgotten.

"But it's great to see my teammates coming together, bonding and treating me just how they did before -- like nothing happened. All the guys have been super cool. ... Everyone has been awesome."

Cooper told USA Today the sensitivity training had a positive impact on him.

"It made me see the severity of what happened," he said. "I knew it was a huge deal. ... [But] it's behind us. And we're all trying to move forward from it."

Cooper apologized to his teammates on Aug. 1, and there were mixed reactions initially. Players including Michael Vick accepted Cooper's apology, while LeSean McCoy said he couldn't "respect someone like that."

Eagles linebacker Trent Cole told USA Today on Thursday the team has collectively had Cooper's back.

"He's good. Everyone makes mistakes," Cole told USA Today. "He knows what he said. He dealt with it. ... He still has to deal with it. There's going to be people who hate him and people who are with him, color or not.

"That's the way this world works. Some people take it hard and then can't get over it. And you can't say anything to them about how they feel. ... He's our teammate. We have his back."