Bill Sheridan defends Greg Schiano

TAMPA, Fla. -- Defensive coordinator Bill Sheridan came to the defense of Greg Schiano on Thursday, saying fans and media have gone too far in their criticism of the coach of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers.

Near the end of his weekly meeting with the media, Sheridan was asked if the attacks on Schiano had gotten too personal. Schiano has been booed coming off the field, and a local radio station has put up billboards calling for Schiano's firing.

Sheridan started by thanking the reporter for asking the question because he wanted to speak his mind and then gave an impassioned answer.

"It definitely is not warranted," Sheridan said. "And it may be hard for people on the outside who don't know Greg because some of the criticism he apparently is receiving, and I don't follow that, it definitely isn't warranted. I've worked for a lot of quality people in this profession, long before I ever came to the NFL, and I've certainly worked for quality people in the National Football League.

"I would put Greg up against anybody I've worked for in regards to a guy of single-mindedness and purpose toward doing the job he's been asked to do and doing it with complete and total integrity. In our profession, if we get criticized for that, then he should be criticized. But all he's ever done since I've been here is be the first guy in the building and the last guy to leave. [He] focuses his entire energy and concentration on what he can do on a daily basis to help the Bucs win, and he's done it with complete, unadulterated integrity."