Phil Taylor looking ahead, not back

BEREA, Ohio -- Phil Taylor wasn't biting Thursday when he was asked about the alleged Ray Rice spitting incident from the first time the Cleveland Browns and Baltimore Ravens played in September.

"Whatever happened in that game was that game," the Browns defensive lineman said. "I'm looking forward to this game."

Taylor drew a 15-yard penalty for retaliating as he and Rice jawed after Rice was thrown for a three-yard loss on the second play of the game. After the game, Browns players said Rice spit on the Browns defensive tackle.

This week, Rice said he did not intentionally spit. He said he was yelling at Taylor and because he had his mouthpiece in it might have seemed like he was spitting.

Which, if it happened, would be serious business.

"You're exchanging body fluids there," running back Willis McGahee said. "That's different from trash talking."

Rice said it didn't happen.

"It looked as if I projected toward him," Rice said. "But I had my mouthpiece in."

Told Rice's words, Taylor merely said; "It is what it is. It's something we're both moving on from and getting ready for this game."

Taylor seemed so intent to let the incident go -- publicly at least -- that defensive coordinator Ray Horton said he felt no need to talk to Taylor about it.

"It's a tough game, and it's hard enough to play without the silliness," Horton said. "I think both players respect each other as football players."