Gary Kubiak expects to return Sunday

HOUSTON – Texans coach Gary Kubiak said he doesn't foresee any reason he wouldn't coach Sunday against the Oakland Raiders.

Kubiak suffered a transient ischemic attack, or what's considered a mini-stroke, following the first half of the Texans' Nov. 3 game against the Indianapolis Colts. Kubiak never lost consciousness after collapsing on his way off the field.

"I really don't remember a whole lot," he said. "I remember right before the half not feeling very good. Had a headache."

Kubiak remained in a hospital for two nights before being released, but he did not return to limited coaching duties until Monday.

Defensive coordinator Wade Phillips was the team's interim head coach for its 27-24 loss to the Arizona Cardinals in Week 10, a game Kubiak didn't watch in its entirety.

"Just hard to watch," Kubiak said. "Just was hard to sit there and watch a football game when you've been there the whole time for the last 30 years."

His return has some limitations. Kubiak's doctors have given him a certain number of hours he can work each day as he gradually eases his way into a full workload.

"I don't know how many I've got today, but I've still got plenty to do," Kubiak said.