Broncos' Von Miller dons rooster-themed cleats before Sunday's game at Titans

These rooster-themed cleats Von Miller donned before the Broncos' contest with the Titans may have been his most creative mark yet. Courtesy of Adidas

Denver Broncos linebacker Von Miller has been at the forefront at the league's colorful cleat revolution, donning increasingly creative designs. Sunday afternoon's visit to Nashville might have been his magnum opus, however.

Prior to the Broncos' contest with the Tennessee Titans, Miller donned a pair of cleats that featured a thick smattering of rooster-like feathers on the tongue:

Rooster Cleats 🐓 @adidasfballus #3stripelife #adidas

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"Roosters are Dope" 🐓 @adidasfballus

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It's worth noting Miller was a poultry science major at Texas A&M, and owns a chicken farm in his hometown DeSoto, Texas.

Beautiful plumage, eh?

-- Brendan C. Hall