Kirk Cousins sends encouraging video to HS football player injured in car accident

What could've been a great tragedy ended with a dream come true for Langley High School football player Hans Vollmecke.

Vollmecke nearly lost his life last week when he lost control of his truck in the rain and slammed into a tree. It took medics almost an hour to cut his legs out from the truck, and he was admitted to an intensive care unit for the weekend, according to the Redskins' team blog.

After he sustained many injuries but miraculously survived, Vollmecke's teammates and friends wanted to give their friend a pick-me-up when they went to visit him.

They brainstormed about how to lift his spirits and came up with an out-there idea: How about some words of encouragement for his recovery from his favorite football player, Washington Redskins QB Kirk Cousins? Yep, that should do it.

So what was it like for Vollmecke to see Cousins' face staring back at him on a laptop computer?

"I was shocked," Vollmecke told the Redskins blog. "Your favorite professional football player -- he even said my name. I was beyond words. It was one of the coolest things ever. It cheered me up.

"I knew he was a great guy, but that video was ... he took time personally to say something to me, so I think he's great, but that even makes him even more."

It started when one of Vollmecke's teammates thought they should try emailing Cousins, courtesy of his Twitter bio.

"We started planning out what we could do for him, when we could visit him," teammate Bennett Norris told the Redskins blog. "And Kirk is his favorite player by far, it's a well-known thing on the team -- the whole thing about Kirk, his contract, Hans was on top of it every day."

Per Bennett, the message from Cousins, with video attached, was as follows: "Here's a message for Hans. Give him my best."

The boys will be forever grateful for the gesture from Cousins.

"I just want to stress how much I appreciate Kirk," Bennett said. "In my mind, he's the greatest guy ever now. We always knew he was a great guy. It's unbelievable."

"I did not expect him to do that," Hans said. "He's more than just a professional football player."

Shock and awe factor? Check. Words of encouragement? Check. No longer feeling so down? Check.

Well-done, boys.

-- Courtney Schellin