Quotes: Opinions of Calvin Johnson

A sampling of quotes and opinions about three-time All-Pro wide receiver Calvin Johnson:


"It's almost like it's your ideal receiver. It's like he's a created player on 'Madden,' when you put his overall 99. He's got the fastest speed on there, and the strength and everything is maximized to another level. All of those things make him stand out even more. He's a massive receiver who can run, who can catch and who can block."

-- New England Patriots cornerback Darrelle Revis


"I would rather with a guy such as Megatron play man-to-man, where it's mano a mano. Man on man. So if he goes inside, I'm going inside. If he goes outside, I'm going outside. If he goes to the hot dog stand, I'm going out there to put the mustard on it."

-- Hall of Fame cornerback Lem Barney


"One thing he does well that takes advantage of his talent is he catches the ball at the highest point. You have to be aware of that when you go against him. You have to be concerned with his big-play ability, like a Dez Bryant and a A.J. Green."

-- Seattle Seahawks cornerback Richard Sherman


"You could have two guys on him. You can have three guys on him. As you've seen, you can even have four guys on him, and he'll come down with the ball."

-- Washington Redskins cornerback Tracy Porter


"In my whole career, I never faced a guy like that, who was that tall and that fast and that gifted, had that kind of leaping ability. I think he is a physical specimen and have nothing to compare him to."

-- Hall of Fame cornerback Mike Haynes


"I would hate being a cornerback having to cover that guy because you don't have an answer for it. You can do everything right, have three guys on him, four guys if you want. But hey, good luck to you guys. The more the merrier."

-- Willie Young, former Detroit Lions defensive end, now with the Chicago Bears


"He's a physical specimen. You don't find too many athletes that come around and look like that and play like that every single year, year-in and year-out, and you know where the ball is going to go and he still catches it."

-- Hall of Fame cornerback Rod Woodson


"Every single play, you know you got to bring it because that kid has the ability to hurt you. Try to be as physical with him as possible."

-- Washington Redskins cornerback DeAngelo Hall


"It's not like it takes him a long time to get up to speed like most big guys. He's built like a tight end but has the speed of a wide receiver. ... You can't make a mistake."

-- Longtime Dallas Cowboys cornerback Everson Walls


"You know every single play can be that game-changing play."

-- Miami Dolphins cornerback Cortland Finnegan

ESPN NFL Nation reporters Michael Rothstein and Michael C. Wright compiled this report.