George Rose/Getty Images

Troy Aikman

Dallas Cowboys | Super Bowl XXVII, XXVIII, XXX

As a starting QB for the Cowboys, Troy Aikman was 0-11 his rookie season. His poor record wouldn't last. In 1993, the Boys went to Super Bowl XXVII to face Buffalo. On football's biggest stage, Aikman lit up the Bills' defense for four TDs and took down Buffalo 52-17. The following season, the Boys made it back to the Super Bowl (again facing the Bills). Coming off a concussion, Aikman wouldn't be as explosive -- but his team would be. The Cowboys beat the Bills 30-13 to claim Super Bowl XXVIII. Aikman's third and final Super Bowl came in 1995 -- where he totaled 3,300 yards passing -- against the Steelers. Aikman threw one TD pass as the Boys took home their third Lombardi Trophy in four seasons.