Joe Flacco will still lead his way

Joe Flacco said Wednesday in an interview with ESPN Radio that he's never been interested in showcasing his leadership for the cameras and he's not going to change the way he does things this season just because Ray Lewis, who was a very vocal leader for the Baltimore Ravens, is retired.

"My leadership role, I don't think anybody is ever going to necessarily see it on the cameras or anything like that. So people may not think my leadership role has ever been anything or I will ever change. I'm going to continue doing what I do and do it the way that I do it, and I think that's going to get us a long way," he said on the "Mike and Mike" program.

He emphasized that he doesn't see the need to change now that Lewis, who will be an NFL analyst for ESPN this season, won't be on the sideline. Besides, Flacco said, Lewis "wasn't the maniac that everybody saw on Sunday all week."

"I'm not going to try to change who I am or change my role just because we lost a great leader and a great football player. I think we have a lot of guys in the locker room, and like I've said, I have always done certain things and I will continue to do those things," he said.

"They're going to be behind the scenes, they're going to be me playing football, and I'm not going to worry about trying to be in the spotlight and trying to have everybody see that I'm the leader of this team. But the bottom line is I am and I'm going to continue to be."

The Ravens' passing offense will have a different look this season after the offseason trade of receiver Anquan Boldin and the likely season-ending hip injury to Dennis Pitta, although the tight end hasn't yet been placed on injured reserve and the Ravens are holding out hope he might be able to return sometime this season.

Baltimore signed veterans Brandon Stokley and Dallas Clark this week to try to bolster the offense, which pleases Flacco.

"You can definitely tell why they've both been in the league as long as they've been in the league. They have a special quality about them and the way they run their routes and the way they catch the ball. Brandon, especially for being in the league as long as he has, he can still run and his legs definitely look fresh," he said.

"I'm definitely excited about it, I'm really excited about the progress of the offense as a whole. I think these guys will fit in and play their role pretty well."