ESPN.com's 2004 mock draft

ESPN.com's eighth annual NFL mock draft is over. Thanks for all the questions, we had way too many to answer all of them.

Moderator: The first pick will be coming up. We'll start with a question from Chris from Santa Barbara ... Assuming the Chargers take Eli Manning, how quickly will he be expected to start?

Len Pasquarelli, ESPN.com senior NFL writer: Given the unsettled nature of the QB situation in San Diego, it is likely he would start immediately. There is however some disagreement about that within the Chargers organization. Some members of the coaching staff would prefer to keep Drew Brees and probably open the season with him as the starter. but there are people in the front office who feel that Brees should be traded and that Manning should step right in.

Moderator: Now it's the Raiders turn and things could get interesting here. We have a question from Kevin Colton in Los Angeles ... I've heard a lot about the Raiders trading out of the No. 2 spot. But why wouldn't they just stay there and grab Gallery, who looks like a sure starter for the next 10-plus years?

Len Pasquarelli, ESPN.com senior NFL writer: The Raiders have a lot of holes to fill and could use an influx of youth. So by trading down they could collect an extra pick or two. Right now, they are getting more trade offers than the Chargers.

Moderator: The Cardinals are up next.

Moderator: The Giants are on the clock and there has been a lot of speculation about them moving up to get either Gallery or Manning. We'll take a question from Kenny Lai in Brooklyn ... I'm a NY Giant fan, and like all Giant fans across the the tri-state area.. we just wanna know what will happen and what the organization will ultimately do. Will they trade up? will they trade down? If they stand pat, who will they choose?

John Clayton, ESPN.com senior NFL writer: That's a good question. The odds are favoring them standing pat and getting Gallery if they are lucky or getting Roethlisberger. They could trade down and get Roethlisberger, but they may not take the gamble of risking that he'll still be available. There's also been talk of them trading up, but that could be sometimes difficult.

Moderator: The Redskins pick next. The No. 5 pick is their only pick on the first day, so they better make it count. We have a question here from Lee Canfield in Bealeton, VA ... With all of the problems the Washington Redskins have with there DLine...why would they take Winslow or even Taylor? Wouldn't either Wilfork or Harris be a much better fit here?

John Clayton, ESPN.com senior NFL writer: That's too high to take those guys (Wilfork or Harris) and remember, they addressed the D-line by getting Cornelius Griffin in free agency, plus some moves they made last year. Joe Gibbs is an offensive guy and unlike Steve Spurrier, he's trying to address the needs by finding the best guys available and not settling for a bunch of guys he can find from the University of Florida.

Moderator: The Lions are now on the clock.

Moderator: The Browns are up next. Cleveland desperately wants to move up to get Iowa OT Robert Gallery. But to do that they'll probably have to get all the way up to No. 2 and that will be costly.

Moderator: The Falcons are on the clock. Mike Vick is probably hoping for a WR to give him some help on offense. But defensive line is also a need.

Moderator: The Jaguars are on the clock, but getting back to the Falcons, we have a quick question on the Falcons from Jim in Savannah ... Do you think the Falcons need to add a playmaker to help Mike Vick with this pick? Or should they go defense?

James C. Black, NFL editor: Given both their shortcomings on offense, plus the additions they've made on defense (Jason Webster, Rod Coleman) this offseason, they would be better served trying to get Vick some help with that first pick. Not having Mike Williams in the draft hurts them because he would have been a great complement to Peerless Price. They might be forced to trade down or draft a defender.

Moderator: The Texans are up next. The Texans were 5-11 in their second season in the NFL and will be looking to take a big step forward in Year 3. Here's a question from Jim Stokes in Austin, Texas ... What do you expect from the Texans in their third year? With Carr, Johnson and Davis on offense, I think they can make the playoffs.

James C. Black, NFL editor: Given the quick rise and fall of teams in the NFL, there's no reason to say the Texans can't make the playoffs. But realistically, they might be another year or two away. They have a good starting point with the trio of Carr, Johnson and Davis, but they have yet to establish consistent second- and third-receiving threats. Plus, it also hurts they play in the same division as Tennessee and Indianapolis.

Moderator: It's go-time in Pittsburgh and we have a question from Paul Wolford in Falling Waters, W.V. ... Should the Steelers trade down to the late teens/early twenties and select a CB like Gamble or hope Robinson falls or maybe even an OL like Andrews? Or should they stay were they are and see if Ben or Rivers falls to them?

John Clayton, ESPN.com senior NFL writer: Stay where they are and try to get the QB. A few years ago, they could have gotten Chad Pennington but they went for another position player. Now, they need a QB of the future and should take one if he falls to them.

Moderator: The Jets are next up. With Mike Williams out of the draft, defense seems to be the most likely way the Jets will go.

Moderator: The Bills were hoping one of the QBs would fall to them, but with all three gone, help along the defensive line seems like a good bet.

Moderator: The Bears are on the clock and we have a question from Patrick Mitchell in Tempe, Ari. ... With the aquisition of RB Thomas Jones by the Bears is there any truth to the rumors they are shoping Anthony Thomas for a mid round draft choice and have the Cowboys shown any interest ?

John Clayton, ESPN.com senior NFL writer: No. They seem to want to stay with Anthony Thomas as the backup. Jones is the starter and there doesn't seem to a lot of interest in a trade anyway. The Cowboys appear to be interested in Chris Perry, who appears to be a more well-rounded RB.

Moderator: Bucs are on the clock. We're going to pick up the pace here for a few picks.

Moderator: 49ers are on the clock.

Moderator: Broncos on the clock. Denver traded up to this spot from No. 24.

Moderator: Saints are on the clock.

Moderator: Vikings are on the clock.

Moderator: Dolphins are on the clock. Also, don't forget about the NFL Draft ShowLive. Roy Williams was asked earlier what it would be like going to Atlanta and said, "Nobody would lose on Madden with Vick-Williams and Price! That would be awesome!"

Moderator: Patriots are on the clock and we'll grab a question from Josh in Methuen, Mass. ... Now that the Patriots have traded for Corey Dillon and signed Jeff Burris what do you see them doing with all of their picks? Could they possibly be thinking about putting their picks together and trading up?

Len Pasquarelli, ESPN.com senior NFL writer: Anything is possible for the NFL's most creative drafting team. If they take the conservative approach, look for them to seek depth on the offensive and defensive lines. But don't rule out something special, because they absolutely love corner DeAngelo Hall and safety Sean Taylor.

Moderator: Cowboys are on the clock.

Moderator: Seahawks are on the clock.

Moderator: Bengals are on the clock and we have a question from Brian in Cincinnati, Ohio ... What do you think is the Cincinnati's biggest need and do you think they will move up in the draft with the excess picks they have and try to get the physical specimen Sean Taylor?

Len Pasquarelli, ESPN.com senior NFL writer: The biggest needs remain at cornerback, even after getting Deltha O'Neal, and at defensive tackle. They will solve the tackle situation by signing Daryl Gardener when he is released by Denver after June 1. I look for them to take a corner high in the draft. And, no, I doubt they will trade up. They now have seven of the first 117 choices, plenty of chances for Marvin Lewis to bring in more of his kind of players.

Moderator: Packers are on the clock. We have a question from Andy Evansen from St. Paul ... I was wondering if it was reasonable to expect the Packers to be able to package Mike McKenzie, one of the best corners in the league, with their #1 pick, to be able to move up considerably in the draft (high enough to grab, say, Roethlisberger or Sean Taylor)?

Len Pasquarelli, ESPN.com senior NFL writer: The only problem is, you've caved on McKenzie, which no team wants to do, and sacrificed a top-flight cornerback. They'd have to go way up the board to get either of those guys so, no, i don't see it happening.

Moderator: Rams are on the clock.

Moderator: Titans are on the clock. Let's take a question from Henry Franks in Memphis ... With Kearse, McCairns, and possibly Eddie George gone, who are soem players the Titans are looking to draft on the first day.

Len Pasquarelli, ESPN.com senior NFL writer: Tennessee officials have allowed that they have to reload on the defensive line in the draft, so look for a tackle in the first or second round, someone like tank johnson of washington . . . there will be plenty of viable wide receivers available in the second round and keary colbert of southern cal is a guy we like.

Moderator: Eagles are on the clock.

Moderator: Colts are on the clock.

Moderator: Chiefs are on the clock.

Moderator: Panthers are on the clock. Lets take one last question from Don Kelly in Nashville, Tenn. ... It seems like people don't think the Panthers can repeat their 2003 success. What do you see them doing in the draft to try to keep moving forward?

Len Pasqaurelli, ESPN.com senior NFL writer: More John Fox-type players, not flashy names, but guys who subjugate their individual talents for the common good ... they like tight end Ben Troupe and it will not be surprising if they take an offensive lineman in the first round.

Moderator: Patriots are on the clock with the final pick in ESPN.com's mock draft.

Moderator: That concludes ESPN.com's eighth annual mock draft. Thanks for all the questions, we had way more than we could possibly answer. If you have any more, head over to the NFL Draft Show where they will be answering question until 5 p.m. ET. Also, be sure to watch the actual draft which gets going Saturday at noon ET on ESPN.