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Ed Ta'amu

C | (0-0, 330) | Utah
By Pro Football Weekly

Notes: Last name is pronounced "Ta-ah-moo". High school football player and weight man. Academic non-qualifier in 1997. Lettered as a backup defensive end in '98, when he was in on three tackles. Backup defensive tackle in '99 who hardly played and was moved to the offensive line during the season. Starting left guard in all but one game in 2000 and improved by leaps and bounds. Was suspended in July of '01 because of an alleged July 4 assault case in which Ta'amu was involved in an altercation that resulted in him being charged with misdemeanor assault. Ta'amu allegedly threw one punch at a man who was firing off illegal fireworks after the following events occurred. One of the man's missiles landed in an area near Ta'amu's home where Ta'amu and friends were standing, causing Ta'amu to ask the man to stop. The man continued to fire and Ta'amu repeated his request and did not hit the man until the alleged victim kicked the can he was using to launch his rockets into Ta'amu's chest. At that point Ta'amu allegedly punched the victim. As a result, he was suspended for the first two games of the season. However, came back and was the team's best offensive lineman and was selected to play in the Senior Bowl.

Positives: A massive widebody who is a very, very powerful man and can be a dominating run blocker when he rolls his hips and comes off the ball low. Has very strong, heavy hands and punches with authority. Can shock a defender with his hand punch. Will flash athleticism and look like he can move his feet at times.

Negatives: Still is very much a work in progress as a pass protector. Will look lost and unathletic at times. Can look heavy-footed, clumsy and unathletic. Did not play well in the postseason all-star games. On the short side and will have to be a guard. Will struggle at times with judgment calls when blocking on the second level. Can be indecisive when he must determine who to hit when he is out in the open field and has to make snap decisions on his own. While learning should not be a problem for Ta'amu, his lack of focus and attention to detail has held him back and could prevent him from realizing his potential. Played better in October than he did later in the year and seemed to get heavier and less mobile.

Summary: Has raw talent but needs to refine his game and improve his pass-protection skills dramatically. Had a golden chance to step up in the Senior Bowl but didn't.

* Player biographies are provided by Pro Football Weekly.