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Taylor Whitley

OG | (0-0, 321) | Texas A&M
By Pro Football Weekly

Notes: Top high school weight man in track and field who has competed as a shotputter on the A&M track-and-field team. Football redshirt in 1998. Backup guard and tackle in '99. Started every regular-season game at guard in 2000 and then started at tackle in A&M's bowl game. Started every game in '01 and '02 at guard. Has 36 career starts. Named All-Big Twelve honorable mention in '02.

Positives: Strong, durable blocker with a big heart. Gets a good pop and jolt with his hands. Can pull and adjust. Sinks anchor when pass blocking. Uses his hands and upper-body strength well. Can slide laterally and has OK leverage and knee bend. Gets good pad level and works to sustain and finish blocks. Alert with good football intelligence. Has a big bubble butt and good hips. Versatile.

Negatives: Above-adequate athletic ability. Good in lots of things, but not great. Average speed and mobility and will get in trouble when he plays too upright. Not as quick-footed and athletic as scouts would like.

Summary: Has the tools to remain in the league a long time, but may never be more than a perennial backup.

* Player biographies are provided by Pro Football Weekly.