Second-half records and playoff trends

April, 12, 2010

Dear puckheads, I got a lot of reaction last week to my post on second-half and post-Olympic records. Thanks to the ESPN Stats and Information department, notably Gregory Dohmann, here are the updated/final charts:

Here's a look at the post-Olympic records:

Washington, Detroit, Vancouver and Phoenix dominate both charts ... but interestingly, look at Cup contender New Jersey. Overall, they were barely over .500 in the second half of the season; but they rocked with an 11-6-3 record after the Olympics, while first-round foe Philadelphia limp into the playoffs with a 9-10-3 record after the Vancouver Games.

And how about the Red Wings-Coyotes meeting in the first round? They were first, and third, respectively, in the post-Olympic chart. The Blackhawks are heavily favored to beat Nashville, but notice the Predators since the Olympic break. The Senators have the worst record since the Olympics as they get set to face Pittsburgh in the first round.

Pierre LeBrun

ESPN Senior Writer



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