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May, 17, 2010

PHILADELPHIA -- Don't look for Montreal coach Jacques Martin to complain about the Flyers getting on top of his goaltender, Jaroslav Halak. Martin downplayed the idea that somehow the Flyers were crowding the crease illegally.

"You look at playoff hockey, I think almost every series that's a strategy that is used. I think you need to do that to score goals at this time of year," Martin said after his Canadiens eschewed a full on-ice workout for a meeting to talk about the finer points of a 6-0 scalding in Game 1 against the Flyers.

"You don't have the fancy plays, and a lot of the goals that are scored are either screens, tips, rebounds and things like that," he said. "So that's part of the strategy and we have to do a better job at counteracting that."

Brian Gionta likewise pooh-poohed the idea the Flyers intimidated the Habs in Game 1.

"I don't think that was a factor [Sunday] night," Gionta said Monday. "It's a matter of winning individual battles. It had nothing to do with getting outhit or whatnot. We just weren't prepared to play from the start. We weren't skating.

"They've got a forechecking team that's going to get in and forecheck hard. We've got to do a better job of moving the puck quicker and tiring them out and making them skate a little more. If they're coming that hard on the forecheck, you can make one or two quick passes, you catch them quick, and it kind of slows them up the next time."

Already, a little taunting

Gionta acknowledged he heard the Flyers fans singing the traditional "Ole, Ole, Ole" song Canadiens fans sing after victories, but it had no effect on the Habs bench.

"We heard it. I don't think anyone reacted any which way. It's playoffs. The buildings are full; we've gone through two buildings already that have been pretty electric. It's no different coming in here," he said. "The fans are known for being supportive of the Flyers, and as a competitor, you embrace that kind of thing.

"You have a lot more fun in a building like that where they're against you. Obviously, [Sunday] night everything came together for them. It wasn't very good for us. The fans are going to be behind them."

Scott Burnside

ESPN Senior Writer




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