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NHL, players' union reaches agreement in principle
An all-night bargaining session stretched well into Wednesday morning as negotiators from the NHL and the players' association tried to put the finishing touches on a new collective bargaining agreement.
Hradek: Key terms of NHL agreement
E.J. Hradek, with the help of key sources on both sides of the table, looks at the expected terms of the new NHL agreement.
NHL, union continue talks, schedule Tuesday meeting
Negotiators from the league and the players' association met for the eighth straight day, marking the 10th consecutive week that talks have been held. The latest round of discussions wrapped up around 9:30 p.m. and more talks were scheduled for Tuesday.
Roenick: Think players are greedy? Stay home
Jeremy Roenick has some advice for hockey fans who blame the NHL lockout on players' greed: Once it's finally settled, stay home.
NHL, union wrap up meetings, will resume next week
The NHL and the players' association wrapped up five days of labor negotiations Friday, slowly moving toward an agreement that will end the lockout.
Mario: Players should have taken owners' old CBA offer
Mario Lemieux said NHL players are all but certain to get a much worse deal in the soon-to-be-approved labor agreement than they would have gotten by accepting the owners' offer in February.
Report: After CBA finalized, Rangers could buy out Holik
Bobby Holik wants to be part of the Rangers' rebuilding program, but he might not get the chance to be.
Keep talking: NHL, players end another round of talks
The NHL and its players' union held another small group session of contract discussions Monday, making slow progress in hopes of ending the ninth-month lockout.
NHL, players' association to meet again Monday
Nothing has been resolved yet, but the NHL and the players' association are continuing to talk.
Report: Sides in NHL lockout agree on salary-cap system
The two sides in the NHL lockout have agreed on a salary-cap system, eliminating the biggest stumbling block to the resumption of play next season, the Toronto Globe and Mail reported on its Web site Wednesday.
Report: Bettman wants new deal soon, or else
Two league sources told the Ottawa Sun that NHL commissioner Gary Bettman has said the league wants a new collective bargaining agreement by mid-June or there "may be no point in having a season."
Burnside: Sounds of silence
Although the league and union claimed they made progress during this week's talks, the lack of information about what actually happened is worrisome.
Orr to leaders: End lockout or get out of way
Bobby Orr wants NHL commissioner Gary Bettman and players union executive director Bob Goodenow to ``get out of the way'' if they can't solve the impasse that led to the cancellation of the NHL's season.
Owners back off replacements
The NHL won't start next season on time if a new collective bargaining agreement hasn't been reached with the players' association.
Bettman: Olympic participation looks unlikely
Prospects for NHL players taking part in the 2006 Olympics are dwindling because of the ongoing lockout, commissioner Gary Bettman said Friday.
Gretzky won't coach replacement players
Wayne Gretzky is interested in coaching the Phoenix Coyotes. But not if the NHL uses replacement players in 2005-06.
Bettman, Goodenow meet amid NHL optimism
After meeting privately for more than an hour Thursday evening, NHL commissioner Gary Bettman and his players' association counterpart Bob Goodenow are expected to speak sometime next week and set a new date for the next round of negotiations for a new co
Draft aside, NHL GMs optimistic after meetings
After months of heated discussions with the players' association, NHL general managers ended two days of meetings bickering among themselves.
GMs, players discuss possible rules changes
Thirty GMs and selected players met for more than six hours at a suburban Detroit hotel Thursday, discussing possible rules changes designed to add more scoring punch to an increasingly defensive-oriented game that has been halted by labor strife.
Union rejects proposals during 7-hour meeting
The players' association rejected proposals made by the NHL and the two sides met for seven hours Monday.
NHL files set of complaints against NHLPA
The NHL has filed a second complaint against the NHL Players' Association with the National Labor Relations Board on Monday, according to TSN of Canada.
NHL to file second complaint against NHLPA
The NHL wants the players' association to disavow reports it is threatening to decertify agents should they represent replacement players.
NHL files unfair labor practice complaint vs. PA
The league filed an unfair labor practice complaint against the union with the National Labor Relations Board earlier this week regarding the subject of replacement players.
NHL cancels draft
Its season already called off, the NHL on Thursday canceled its 2005 entry draft that had been scheduled for June in Ottawa.
Board could discuss using replacements
The board of governors April meeting is believed to be a forum for commissioner Gary Bettman to outline a plan to use replacement players in 2005-06 should a new CBA not be reached in the near future.
Red Wings' owners apologize for loss of season
The owners of the Detroit Red Wings apologized in full-page newspaper ads for the loss of the NHL season.
Gretzky: Negotiations going back to square one
Wayne Gretzky saw firsthand how far apart NHL players and owners are from the end of the lockout. And when the sides get back to the bargaining table, either Thursday or Friday, they will be beginning anew.
Players accept owners' offer to meet this week
The NHL Players' Association accepted an invitation from the league to return to the bargaining table later this week.
Lockout over salary cap shuts down NHL
The NHL canceled what little was left of the season Wednesday after a series of last-minute offers were rejected on the final day of negotiations.
Burnside: Sunk season ... and feelings
If there was one common emotion from across the NHL after the cancellation of the 2004-05 season, it was a feeling of regret.

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Ratto: No pain, no gain
Funny that the people who caused the NHL to cancel the season are the ones who seem to be suffering the least.
Ratto: Perfect timing
Not only couldn't they figure out how to solve their own problems, but NHL owners also couldn't figure out how to cancel the season correctly.
Blame the Red Sox for NHL's problems?
Last time the NHL failed to award the Stanley Cup was 1919, the year after the Red Sox won the Series. Boston won last year and -- yep -- no Stanley Cup.
Burnside: The writing on the wall
Instead of a staging standoff over $6.5 million, the NHL and the NHLPA should look at the alternative.
Burnside: Too close to call
Canceling the season over a salary cap would be a shame. Canceling it over $12 million would be worse.
NHL players agree to $52M cap; sides still apart
In what could be a last-second breakthrough, both sides of the NHL lockout have given significant ground: The players' association will accept a salary cap, and the league has backed off its demand for a link between revenues and player costs.
Report: Modano, Stars frustrated with Bettman
The Dallas Morning News reported in its Tuesday editions that Stars players are frustrated, disappointed and sad at the prospect the NHL season will be canceled.
NHL, union meet with federal mediators in D.C.
Representatives from the NHL and the players' association met with federal mediators in Washington on Sunday, just hours before a weekend deadline to save the season, The Associated Press has learned.
Gag order lifted, but still no talk as deadline looms
Neither the NHL nor the players' union did anything Saturday to avert a deadline that had ticked down to its last 24 hours for saving what little remained of the season.
Will season end? Lemieux, other owners differ
Mario Lemieux is optimistic part of the season can be saved. Tom Hicks is not.
Clock continues to tick as NHL season slips away
Commissioner Gary Bettman's deadline for reaching a deal with the players' association is rapidly approaching. If there's no agreement before Monday, he is expected to pull the plug on the season that never was.
Burnside: It's over
The end of the 2004-05 NHL season has come. All that's needed is Gary Bettman's pronouncement to make it official.
Daly: Official cancellation could come very soon
Talks between the NHL and the players' association broke off after four hours Thursday, and there were no signs the sides would meet again in time to save the season before this weekend's deadline.
Rovell: Skating on uncharted ice
Will the NHL still have 30 teams after the lockout is settled? No one knows for sure.
Bettman: This weekend likely final deadline
With just a little bit of hedging, NHL commissioner Gary Bettman all but issued a drop-dead date for saving what's left of the season: this weekend.
Burnside: Questionable motives
He crammed two deals into one, then put the NHLPA on the clock. Did Gary Bettman ever intend to negotiate?
Screen Shots: Wake us when it's over
Instead of choosing one side over another, how about simply de-siding?
Face off: Hull, Gretzky disagree on short season
Phoenix Coyotes forward Brett Hull told TSN on Tuesday he disagrees with friend and former teammate -- and Coyotes co-owner -- Wayne Gretzky about the push for a shortened season if an agreement can be reached in the labor negotiations.
A new way to play: ESPNHL
Forget abut fixing the NHL. We decided to start our own league from scratch.
Frei: Spare us all
The NHL should cancel the season now, as dragging on CBA negotiations any further would be torture for everyone involved.
Sources: No contact between NHL, NHLPA
The NHL and the players' association have not been in contact since talks broke off before the weekend, two sources close to the negotiations told The Associated Press on Sunday on condition of anonymity.
Hitchcock still teaching while waiting out lockout
This has been a tough 4½ months for Ken Hitchcock, who was one win away last spring from reaching the Stanley Cup finals.
Burnside: Into that good night
In the face of overwhelming pessimism there still exists a chance the two sides could agree to reconvene -- a small chance, but it exists.
'No progress' made in 4-hour NHL labor talks
NHL labor talks ended Friday after a four-hour meeting in New York, leaving the hockey season on the brink of being canceled.
Buccigross: Cold shoulders
Fans "don't care" about the NHL lockout because they're immune to millionaires fighting with millionaires over millions.
Burnside: Season gets stay for another day
It's hard to know what's going on as the NHL and players' association continue negotiating, but one thing is certain: time is running out.
Progress? NHL sides quiet as talks continue
An NHL team owner who is requesting anonymity said he expects the league to make an announcement canceling the rest of the 2004-05 season either after Thursday's meeting or Friday, EJ Hradek of ESPN the Magazine has learned.
A look at Wednesday's NHL proposal to players
A look at key points in the NHL's proposal Wednesday to the NHL Players' Association.
Burnside: Will Thursday break the ice?
With Thursday's meeting the last best hope to save hockey this season, the NHL appears to be making it easy for the players' association to turn them down.
NHL, players will meet amid growing pessimism
The NHL and the players' association changed their meeting location Wednesday, but neither side changed its position, leaving the balance of the 2004-05 season in jeopardy.
NHL to float cap proposal in NY meeting
The NHL and the players' association plan to meet Wednesday in New York, with league representatives expected to make an offer that will include a salary cap system, has learned.
No new talks planned as lockout drags on
The NHL and the players' association are now disputing whether they have anything to talk about.
Chelios, Hatcher, Draper sign with UHL team
Red Wings defensemen Chris Chelios and Derian Hatcher and forward Kris Draper signed with the Motor City Mechanics of the United Hockey League on Tuesday for the remainder of the season.
IOC: NHLers can still play at Turin Olympics
The IOC and hockey's ruling body are leaving the door open for NHL players at the 2006 Turin Olympics.
Stevenson: 'This is devastating for the game'
According to Jeremy Roenick, after they reach a new CBA, the players and owners need to come up with something to let the fans know the lockout was worth it.
Burnside: Death-defying season
By not setting a drop-dead date to negotiations, NHL owners are revealing their desire to play -- and undermining the process.
Lemieux: '50-50' chance of salvaging season
Mario Lemieux, who is in the unique position of being both a player and an owner, told the Pittsburgh Tribune-Review that he thinks the chances of salvaging part of the 2004-05 season are "50-50."
Wild to lay off workers as lockout continues
With the NHL lockout dragging on, the Wild's parent company has been forced to let go of more employees.
Frei: Pointing fingers
Both the players and owners are to blame for the NHL lockout, but it's the owners' fault for letting it get this far.
NHL, union have no plans to meet after Thursday
With the season on the brink of being canceled, negotiations resumed late Thursday afternoon in New York and lasted for about five hours before breaking up shortly after 9 p.m. There were no immediate details released.
Burnside: Perfect time for third man in
If the NHL and the NHLPA are serious about reaching an agreement the next thing they'll do is ask for help.
Burnside: Actions vs. words
If the players refuse to accept a salary cap, then why did they agree to meet with the NHL this week?
Linden to players: Prepare for a long lockout
NHL Players' Association president Trevor Linden is telling players to be prepared for the lockout to continue deep into next season.
No thaw? NHL mini-talks break off with no deal
After two days of negotiations, the NHL and the players' association broke off talks and appear no closer to a deal that could save the hockey season.
Mini-meeting ends with hope, but no resolution
The bid to jump-start NHL labor negotiations appears to have been a success.
Six officials resume NHL talks in Chicago
Six officials resume NHL talks in Chicago on Wednesday, striving to reach a solution to the lockout.
Burnside: Last call?
In a last-ditch effort to jump-start moribund labor negotiations, the NHLPA has invited league officials to meet Wednesday at a secret location without the two top power brokers in the dispute.
Car talk: Fan vents his frustration with magnets
A hockey fan disgruntled by the NHL lockout is taking his frustration to the streets. "I need my hockey fix(ed)" reads the newest version of those familiar magnetic car ribbons that express everything from national pride to cancer awareness.
The Hockey News: About-face makes cents
It's time for players to change their minds about accepting a cap -- even if the NHL's financial mess is the owners' fault.
Frei: Do something
Even more maddening than the length of the lockout is the fact nothing is being done to end it.
Burnside: It's the players' turn
If the NHL season is going to be saved, it's up to the players to give in on the cap.
No Jan. 14 NHL meeting: 'Nothing has changed'
The NHL canceled next week's meeting with its board of governors on Thursday because the league has nothing new to report in the stagnant collective bargaining process.
Gretzky: A long wait if CBA isn't struck soon
Wayne Gretzky said if the NHL and its locked-out players don't resolve lockout in the next couple of weeks it might be a year or more before the game resumes.
Ray sues NHLPA for lockout compensation
Veteran tough guy Rob Ray sued the NHL Players' Association on Tuesday, seeking to be included in the union's lockout compensation fund.
Season's end? Execs to meet Jan. 14
The NHL board of governors will meet next month, when commissioner Gary Bettman could seek permission to call off the 2004-05 season.
Minor-league attendance on rise during lockout
With the NHL closed for business, minor-league hockey is thriving.
NHLPA hits back at league's CBA projections
The NHL Players' Association disputed claims by the league that the union's latest collective bargaining agreement proposal would generate severe losses.
No hockey till '06? Pronger, McKenzie think so
NHL veterans Chris Pronger and Jim McKenzie don't think hockey will be back before 2006.
Report: NHL to reject union proposal outright
The National Hockey League intends to reject the NHL Players' Association's latest proposal and counter with one "consistent with our mandate," wrote NHL executive vice president Bill Daly in a Dec. 12 memorandum to all 30 member clubs which was obtained
Details of NHLPA's proposal to end lockout
A look at key points of NHL Players' Association six-year proposal to the NHL.
NHLPA exec targets Bettman as lousy leader
The sniping hit a low point Wednesday, with an NHLPA official saying commissioner Gary Bettman is the wrong man to lead the league.
Buccigross: How to dismantle ...
... a CBA stalemate. A song-by-song look at the current state of affairs in the NHL, courtesy of U2's latest release.
Relief effort: Lockout pay will kick in this month
The NHL players' association will begin issuing lockout pay to more than 730 players. Payments will start this month, and players will get $10,000 each for November and another $10,000 for December.
NHL: Draft won't happen without new CBA
There won't be an NHL entry draft before a collective bargaining agreement is reached with the players association, the director of the league's scouting department said.
Agents meet with union, put impetus on owners
An NHL lockout that's already 9 weeks old won't end anytime soon unless owners show some willingness to negotiate, agents said after a meeting with the players union.
Frei: Hitching a ride with Gary
NHL commissioner Gary Bettman explains his views on why the union is trying to sell him tires when what he needs is a new car.
Burnside: Inert agents
The NHLPA has summoned player agents to Chicago, and it's unlikely they'll be asked to help reach a new CBA.
Burnside: The final countdown
The NHL and the NHLPA are expected to exchange one more set of proposals. But will they do it in time to save the season?
Forbes: NHL exaggerated financial losses
The NHL suffered less than half the losses it has claimed the past two years, according to a report in Forbes Magazine.
Burnside: Power broker
Don Meehan, considered the most powerful agent in hockey, shares his thoughts on the NHL lockout, the business, his players and family.
Esche apologizes for calling Bettman 'madman'
Philadelphia goaltender Robert Esche apologized to NHL commissioner Gary Bettman for calling him a "madman," Flyers general manager Bob Clarke said. Clarke prodded Esche to apologize.
Fans to negotiator, Stars prez: Get a deal done
About 500 people spent about 90 minutes grilling the NHL's top negotiator, Bill Daly, and team president Jim Lites about the lockout.
Burnside: All-Star shame
The cancellation of the NHL All-Star Game was a crushing blow for host Atlanta, not the locked-out players.
Season next? NHL All-Star Game off
While the current lockout has yet to force the cancellation of the 2004-05 National Hockey League season, it has claimed one of the season's showcase events.
NHL players, union meet to get 'guys on board'
Seventy-five NHL players met with union leaders Tuesday to get an update on a lockout that shows no sign of ending.
Burnside: The end?
A day after the NHL commish said the season is slipping away, the NHLPA shrugged its shoulders in resignation.
Bettman: Season slipping away
As the NHL lockout concludes its seventh week with no sign of movement from either side to resume collective bargaining negotiations, commissioner Gary Bettman said the chances of no NHL hockey being played this season are growing.
The replacement? Sens' Ray willing to be scab
Rob Ray is willing to get back on the ice if the NHL uses replacements during its labor war with the players association.
Lafleur: League should declare bankruptcy
Guy Lafleur believes the NHL should declare bankruptcy and start all over.
Cox: Principles, schminciples
If the players are so unified behind the union's position why are they acting like they're not?
Bettman: Contraction is not an option
The NHL has no plans to eliminate teams in the face of an extended labor dispute with the players association.
Frei: How Bettman really feels
If only Gary Bettman didn't have to be diplomatic, ticket-holders could see the situation more clearly.
Burnside: Money for nothing
Injured players are owed their full salary during a lockout. But determining who's injured won't be easy.
Burnside: On the brink of irrelevance
While it's been only a week, the NHL lockout barely is being felt. Worse, it's barely even noticed.
Lockout notes: Penguins cancel home opener
The Pittsburgh Penguins canceled their home preseason schedule and the regular-season opener because of the NHL lockout.
Burnside: A place to play
Locked out of their regular jobs, many NHL players will suit up for the Original Stars Hockey League.
Burnside: NHL to close its doors for awhile
The NHL closed its doors to its players Wednesday -- setting in motion a labor stoppage that will almost certainly forever change the league as we know it.
Cox: How will Canada cope?
Canadians eat, sleep and breathe hockey, so how will they handle a lockout? Plenty of oxygen.
Burnside: Players face uncertain future
Many Finns are playing in Europe during the lockout, but Canadian players are forced to be more creative.
Rovell: Tick, tick, tick
As the countdown to the NHL lockout continues, the clock begins on the owners and players' resolve at the negotiating table.
Lockout looming: NHL pans union's new proposal
The NHL and the players' association appeared headed toward a lockout when talks broke off Thursday after the union's first new proposal in nearly a year.
Burnside: NHL's forecast calls for nuclear winter
The lockout may well be just a starting point for cataclysmic upheaval that may best be likened to hockey's nuclear winter.
Burnside: NHL claims union is set on lockout
NHL executive Bill Daly accuses the players of lusting for a lockout.
Burnside: NHL owners, players sidestep key issue
It may not have the excitement of the Rumba or the quaintness of the fox-trot but the National Hockey League and it's players unveiled a new dance number yesterday, the sidestep.
Burnside: NHL's burning question
Instead of fanning the flames, why can't owners and players work on extinguishing a lockout?
Rovell: Two sides to NHL's labor story
With labor strife looming, the chief negotiators for the NHL and players union both agree the glass is half empty.
Burnside: Something's brewing at labor talks
Meetings between the NHL and its union appear to have accomplished little or nothing. But something's going on.
Each side stands pat in labor meeting
Labor talks between the NHL and its players' union resumed Wednesday, but both sides said no progress was made toward a deal.
Burnside: Beware of labor fallout
The NHL and the players' association appear to be speaking entirely different languages.
Little progress on new NHL deal
The NHL and the players' association had their longest negotiating session in nine months on Wednesday, and the league presented six possible concepts for a new economic system.
NHL to lay off 50 percent of staff
The National Hockey League will lay off up to 50 percent of its employees if a new collective bargaining agreement is not in place on Sept. 16.
Frei: Quality control
NHL owners are showing restraint. Players are taking pay cuts. So why don't they agree to a luxury tax?
Kelley: Free (agency) association
There are two schools of thought when it comes to NHL free agency. And we won't know which is best until a new CBA is struck.
Bettman: We have no interest in current system
So much rhetoric so little negotiating. The question facing the National Hockey League, its players and ultimately its fans, is when or if the rhetoric morphs into action.
NHL rules changes put on ice by CBA talks
Radical rule changes designed to improve the flow of National Hockey League games are, like the game itself, now marked by uncertainty.
Kelley: No talking at the table
With the CBA expiring in less than three months, both sides are doing plenty of talking -- just not to each other.
NHL union head: Season may be canceled
With the Stanley Cup finals in the rear-view mirror, the question still remains: will there be NHL hockey next season?
Primed to play: WHA announces six franchises
A new World Hockey Association is set to start playing in October with at least six teams.
Parent: Future on thin ice
Now that the NHL season is officially over, the players must reflect on the reality of a potential work stoppage.
After Game 7, when will next NHL game be?
As of Tuesday, all 30 teams -- including the champ -- will be firmly united. How long they stay that way may determine what hockey looks like the next time there's an NHL game.
Kelley: The gathering storm
By implying players would be locked out, NHL commissioner Gary Bettman confirmed he's ready for the worst of it.
Bettman hints at lockout, says CBA must change
NHL commissioner Gary Bettman promised again Tuesday that owners are determined to reach a radically different labor agreement no matter how long it takes.
Frozen futures: ESPN, NBC reach NHL deals
The NHL has reached a revenue-sharing deal that will put regular-season games on NBC for the first time in nearly three decades, and reached an agreement to extend its coverage deal with ESPN.
WHA chose '04 launch with CBA issues in mind
The new World Hockey Association was thinking about an NHL labor stoppage when it chose the 2004-05 season to launch the league.
NHL conference finalists win big on little bucks
The three low-budget teams still alive in the Stanley Cup playoffs poke holes in the league's contention they can't compete.
NHL talks: 'Healthy dialogue,' but no major steps
Failing to break major ground on the issue of salaries in their first formal labor talks since October, the NHL and its players' union scheduled more negotiations late next month.
Daly: Cutting games is on CBA bargaining table
Reducing the NHL schedule by 10 games is among topics being discussed by the league and its players association in attempting to negotiate a new CBA.
Bettman, union head to meet, try to spur talks
NHL commissioner Gary Bettman and players' union head Bob Goodenow will meet in Toronto on Thursday in an effort to spur stalled labor talks.
Locked-out NHL would skip '06 Games
The 2006 Winter Olympics will be played without NHL players if the league is shut down by January because of a labor dispute.
Frei: Ready or not
Here they come. The Stanley Cup playoffs are just days away and they're going to be good.
Ratto: Drop the puck, not the curtain
The Stanley Cup playoffs are a chance for the players to show everyone what they may be without next season.
The chill of labor strife
One-third of NHL teams say a work stoppage would save them money. Some are already planning cutbacks.
Bettman: 'Union will want to reason' on CBA
With talk of a possible lockout that could substantially curtail or even cancel next season, NHL commissioner Gary Bettman believes a work stoppage can be avoided.
Brodeur: Long lockout could doom some teams
New Jersey Devils goalie Martin Brodeur thinks some of the NHL's 30 teams could fold if there is a prolonged labor dispute that delays the start of next season.
Kelley: Money for nothing
The league spent $750,000 to prove it lost $273 million last year. It added up to the same response from the NHLPA.
Bettman: The first 10 years
A year-by-year look at Gary Bettman's first 10 years as commissioner of the NHL.
Auditor confirms NHL's losses
The NHL's 30 teams lost a combined $273 million during the 2002-03 season, according to a report issued on behalf of the league Thursday.
Kelley: Lock me out, please!
There are 30 teams in the NHL -- and that's the only thing the league and players' association seem to agree on.
More scoring among Bettman's goals
NHL commissioner Gary Bettman wants to pair a new labor agreement with rules changes -- and is ready to talk whenever the NHLPA is.
League says it's ready to restart CBA talks
The NHL would like to resume negotiations with the players' union on a new collective bargaining agreement within the next two weeks.
Buccigross: A serious case of the blahs
A CBA BLT and Jeremy Roenick take a ride on the Zamboni this week.
Frei: Only one way out
There is one easy way to mitigate the negative effects of a work stoppage in the NHL.
The Hockey News: Player Poll
This week's question: Will a new CBA be signed before the current one expires?
Ratto: Getting there from here
History says that talk between the NHL and the NHLPA will get a lot worse before it gets better.
NHL bungles big news
So there weren't any fireworks -- Scott Burnside says the NHL still could have handled this better. A lot better.
Karl: A guide to the CBA
The countdown is on. With the NHL's CBA set to expire in less than a year, here's what you need to know.
Bettman: NHL obstruction crackdown a success
The NHL's much-publicized attempt to create more offensive flow and eliminate the clutching and grabbing that slow its stars was a success, commissioner Gary Bettman said Tuesday.
Cox: Bettman's mixed messages
NHL commissioner Gary Bettman argued both sides of the fence -- then he sat on it.
On the Hrink: No more heavy metal
Deciding now is not the time, NHL commissioner Gary Bettman has softened his approach to CBA negotiations.
Bettman says contraction won't solve NHL problems
Contraction isn't an option for solving the NHL's economic problems with its bankrupt franchises in Ottawa and Buffalo, commissioner Gary Bettman said Saturday.