Teams whose 2016 draft class looks better or worse now

Alex DeBrincat has lit the OHL on fire this season. How has his play impacted the Blackhawks' 2016 draft grade? Claus Andersen/Getty Images

After every NHL draft, I publish my analysis on how I felt teams did during the course of their selections.

With about nine months having passed since I graded every team's haul for 2016, it's time to review my grades and analysis for those classes, and make updates I think are appropriate. Note that this column does not include updates on every team, as some have undergone only minor changes in the time since.

One of the most common complaints I hear from hockey people throughout the year is on my draft grade columns. The complaints aren't about the actual grades, but that they find it unfair since prospects take a while to develop. I disagree with that assertion, since the draft grades are also about the value of the particular player when he is taken.

Nevertheless, this file is for both the fans and the hockey people who had their pitchforks out last June.

Here are the biggest shifts in grades from when I first graded the 2016 NHL draft classes last June to now: