Doan gets three-year extension

SCOTTSDALE, Ariz. -- Phoenix Coyotes captain and scoring
leader Shane Doan signed a three-year contract extension Friday.

Doan has 55 points this season for the Coyotes, who are in
fourth place in the Pacific Division.

"I was drafted by this organization and am proud to have played
for this team for nine seasons," Doan said. "It was something I
wanted to do and get done. I wanted to have an opportunity to sign
more than a one- or two-year deal."

Doan was appointed captain at the start of the season.

"With this new contract, we fully expect even greater things to
be written and said about this young man," general manager Michael
Barnett said. "His name was always the first that anyone would
ever put forward, so we knew that 29 other teams were seeing what
we were seeing.

"Now, no one bothers, because they know it would be a short
conversation. He's the closest thing to an untouchable that this
organization has."