Players unaware of alleged conspiracy

SAN JOSE, Calif. -- Three members of the San Jose Sharks admitted they never paid fines or attended traffic school, but said they were unaware of what prosecutors portrayed as a broad ticket-fixing conspiracy by Santa Clara County Superior Court Judge William Danser.

Evgeni Nabokov, Mark Smith and Alex Korolyuk testified Monday that they simply passed traffic tickets to Randy Bishop, a former Los Gatos police detective and Sharks security consultant. Bishop is an accused co-conspirator in Danser's criminal trial.

Bishop pleaded no contest, but Danser is fighting charges of ticket fixing and granting other judicial favors. Ken Robinson, Danser's attorney, said his client is the target of a misguided prosecution. Charges of fixing at least 25 tickets could send Danser and Bishop to prison for three years.

Nabokov said Bishop told him to leave his three traffic tickets at his locker -- then the Sharks goalie and former rookie of the year never heard about them again.

Yuliya Korolyuk, wife of Alex Korolyuk, said she received a ticket for not making way for a fire truck. Her husband gave the ticket to Bishop, and the couple never heard about it again, she testified.

None of the Sharks players or Yuliya Korolyuk is accused of wrongdoing. Sharks president Greg Jamison and Earthquakes soccer forward Dwayne DeRosario also have been named in the investigation.