Judge bars Danton from talking to agent

EAST ST. LOUIS, Ill. -- A federal judge on Friday ordered
St. Louis Blues forward Mike Danton to cease all contact with his
agent David Frost, the man federal prosecutors say he wanted dead.

"Your best friends now are your attorneys," U.S. District
Judge Michael Reagan told Danton during a hearing that lasted about
an hour. "It's best to keep your mouth shut."

At the request of prosecutors, Reagan ordered that Danton not
call, write or visit with Frost. Frost's family may continue to
contact and visit the jailed player, the judge said, but they may
not discuss the case.

Danton's attorney, Robert Haar, told the judge the circumstances
of his client's relationship with Frost were "difficult and very
unusual." Frost is Danton's agent, handling his personal affairs,
but Danton regards Frost and his family as the only family he has.

Haar said Danton would "very much" like to speak by phone to
Frost, whom he regards "as the closest person to him."

"He has very small circle of people close to him," Haar said,
"And my concern is cutting him off emotionally."

Reagan's order does allow indirect contact between Danton and
Frost on business matters, but Haar must serve as a go-between.

Prosecutors had asked that Danton have "no communication, no
intimidation, orally, in person or in writing" with Frost, who may
be a witness at Danton's trial, Assistant U.S. Attorney Stephen
Clark said.

A federal complaint alleges that Danton and 19-year-old Katie
Wolfmeyer, of Florissant, Mo., conspired to arrange a hit April 14
at Danton's apartment in Brentwood, Mo.

Authorities allege that Wolfmeyer, at Danton's urging, contacted
a man they thought would kill Frost; instead, the man went to
Columbia, Ill., police, who informed the FBI.

Danton and Wolfmeyer have pleaded innocent to the charges.

In a statement read from jail last week to the St. Louis
Post-Dispatch, Danton said he suffered both emotional and physical
abuse during his childhood -- allegations which his parents and
family friends have disputed.

In the statement, Danton thanked Frost, his friends and the St.
Louis Blues organization and players before he criticized his

Danton grew up Mike Jefferson, but he legally changed his name
two years ago.

The FBI criminal complaint said Danton was concerned that his
intended target, now identified as Frost, planned to go to the
Blues with information that could damage his career. Frost has said
he urged Danton to get help for his use of painkillers and sleeping
pills and his erratic behavior.