Fired broadcaster apologized for remarks

TORONTO -- Tie Domi has filed a $1.65 million lawsuit against an Ottawa sports radio station and an on-air broadcaster
for comments that suggested the Toronto Maple Leafs' player beat his wife, the Toronto Star reported Thursday.

Domi and his wife, Leanne, each are seeking $700,000 in compensatory and punitive damages in a suit filed in Ontario's Superior Court against CHUM Ltd., owner of the Team 1200 in Ottawa,
and former broadcaster Don Romani. Tie Domi is also asking an additional $250,000 in so-called special damages.

Known on the air as the Dandyman, Romani was fired in April after making references during the Maple Leafs-Senators playoff series that Domi beat his wife.

Romani subsequently apologized, calling his remarks a failed attempt at humor.