Burns finishes chemotherapy treatments

NEW YORK -- New Jersey Devils coach Pat Burns says he's
making good progress in his fight against colon cancer after
finishing chemotherapy treatments this week.

"I'm still not out of the woods," Burns told the NHL's Web
site. "I've been going through the process of chemotherapy and
that's very difficult. Anybody who has been through this knows and
if you haven't, you just don't know. It is very physically and
emotionally draining."

The 52-year-old Burns, who announced he had cancer after the
Devils were eliminated from the playoffs in April, said his spirits
have been lifted by the outpouring of support from the hockey

"The support I got from the people in the NHL was really
important," he said. "I got calls from all the coaches and GMs
and I also got about 3,000 e-mails from fans, along with hundreds
of cards. That kept me going and helped me get through this