Roenick tells paper: I'm going to be playing again

Jeremy Roenick said Monday that he will not play in the Kings' three remaining preseason games after suffering another concussion.

Jeremy Roenick Roenick

"They told me there was no point in playing right now," Roenick told The Los Angeles Times. "It's preseason and you never know what is going to happen on the ice. Why take a chance that some other [guy] will do something like that again?"

Roenick was injured Sunday night in a game against the Phoenix Coyotes. Roenick carried the puck up ice along the right boards and took a hard but clean shoulder check from Phoenix defenseman Denis Gauthier at the red line.

Although the team officially lists him as day-to-day, Roenick told the newspaper he was unsure when he would return to the ice, but insisted, "In a week, I'm going to be playing again."

"We're going to take three or four days and see what happens," Roenick told the newspaper.

The hit marked the 11th documented concussion of Roenick's career. Roenick had two concussions during the 2003-04 season, when he was with the Philadelphia Flyers. He strongly considered retirement that season.

The team said Monday that Roenick is still experiencing stiffness in his upper back and neck area.

"I think when people have a history, there are always concerns," Kings GM Dave Taylor told the newspaper. "From what I understand today, Jeremy's eye test was normal. He has stiffness in his neck, which is to be expected after a hit like that."

Roenick was still upset over the hit, one he called "ridiculous."

"I think it indicates the state of our game, the lack of respect -- especially in preseason," Roenick said after Sunday's game. "It is uncalled for. It is ridiculous -- one of the reasons our game isn't as good as it once was. There is no respect for people in this league. It was not a cheap hit, it was a good solid hit. But you don't do that in preseason."

Kings coach Andy Murray said Sunday that the hit was not going to be an issue, but Roenick told the newspaper a few times that "it needs to be addressed."

Murray told The Times: "It's over and done with, let's move on."