Moore, Bertuzzi battle over legal fees in failed lawsuit

DENVER -- After losing the first round in his legal battle
against Todd Bertuzzi for a hit that broke his neck, former
Avalanche forward Steve Moore is trying to slash the attorney fees
he will have to pay.

Bertuzzi, a forward for the Vancouver Canucks, and other
defendants wanted Moore to pay almost $161,000 in attorney fees and
costs after a judge dismissed Moore's civil suit in October.
Moore's attorney countered with an offer to pay about $80,000.
Moore hasn't played since a March 8, 2004, game when Bertuzzi
grabbed him from behind, punched him in the head and slammed his
head into the ice. Moore suffered three fractured vertebrae in his
neck, a concussion and other injuries.
Bertuzzi was charged with assault and pleaded guilty in a
Vancouver court, where he was sentenced to probation and community
Moore's civil suit accused Bertuzzi, Canucks coach Marc Crawford
and others of conspiring to hurt Moore after Moore hit Canucks
captain Markus Naslund in a previous game. The suit sought
unspecified damages.
The judge said Moore's lawsuit would be better handled in
Canada, where Moore's injury occurred and where Moore, Bertuzzi and
most of the witnesses live.
State law requires that plaintiffs pay the defendants fees and
costs when cases are dismissed before trial.
Moore's attorney, Lee Foreman, said in a court filing that the
defendants' dollar request was "overreaching and almost
laughable" and contained numerous duplicate charges.
Attorneys for Bertuzzi, Crawford and the Canucks and former
Canucks general manager Brian Burke did not immediately return
calls Thursday. Foreman was out of state and unavailable, his
receptionist said.
Foreman has notified the Colorado Court of Appeals that he will
appeal the dismissal of Moore's suit. The notice keeps the door
open for Moore to appeal but does not obligate him to do so.