Marino 'happy to help' Penguins stay in Pittsburgh

PITTSBURGH -- If he can help keep the Penguins in
Pittsburgh, Dan Marino said he's ready to help.

Marino, the former Miami Dolphins star and Pro Football Hall of
Fame quarterback, issued a statement Tuesday saying he's willing to
help New York financier Andrew Murstein's effort to buy the team.

Murstein, who has attempted several times previously to buy pro
sports teams, said Tuesday that Dallas Mavericks owner Mark Cuban
and Marino had joined his effort. Both Cuban and Marino grew up in

Murstein has pledged not to move the Penguins if he succeeds in
buying them from the group headed by Hall of Famer Mario Lemieux.
The team's current arena lease expires in 2007, and the Penguins do
not yet have a deal in place for a new arena. Their lease allows
them to begin this weekend to pursue other options -- including
relocating the team.

In a statement issued by the Dolphins, Marino said Wednesday:

"Growing up in Pittsburgh, I've always been a fan of the
Penguins, dating back to the days when the team colors where blue
and white. I know what the Penguins mean to the city and, as a
native, I want to do everything I can to help keep them here.

"I was contacted by Andy Murstein, whose priority is to keep
the team in Pittsburgh, and I told him I would be happy to help him
in any way I could."

Marino apparently did not know Murstein until being approached
by him about joining the group last week.