VandenBussche charged with assaulting police

TURKEY POINT, Ontario -- Free agent right wing Ryan VandenBussche was charged with assaulting three police officers
during a late-night brawl and was subdued with a Taser gun and
pepper spray.

VandenBussche, an unrestricted free agent since his contract
with the Pittsburgh Penguins expired Friday, hit one officer near
the left eye, smacked another in the left ear and tried to strike a
third early Monday, police said. He will be held in a Brantford
jail until Thursday.

Ontario Provincial Police Constable Mark Foster says
VandenBussche "apparently came to the rescue of a friend" who was
being arrested.

Police say the 33-year-old player threatened the life of one
officer after the fight outside a hotel in Turkey Point, southwest
of Hamilton.

VandenBussche, who lives south of London, Ontario, is charged
with three counts of assaulting a peace officer. He also is charged
with obstructing and/or resisting a peace officer, and making a
threat to cause death or bodily harm.