Where will we, DiPietro be in 2021?

We don't know what Rick DiPietro's record deal will bring fans or the NHL over the long haul. But what to make of the world in 2021, when the netminder's record contract expires?

With the help of our Magic 8 Ball, ESPN.com is playing couch psychic.

In the year 2021 ...

• Suri Cruise will enter her senior year of high school. That is, of course, unless she enters the Gifted Program for Scientologists and skips a grade.

• Crushed by the taunts he received on "Dancing with the Stars," Jerry Springer still can't cha-cha. But "Jerry Springer: The Opera" is still breaking box office records in Britain.

• DirecTV sponsors "Manning Bowl XV." This time, Eli reads the route and doesn't throw the killer floater on the closing drive of the game.

• Barbaro is still "comfortable in his stall" and is still "showing signs that he wants to stud."

• "CSI: Spokane" and "CSI: Butte" debut on CBS as the network hopes the power lineup will win back Thursday nights.

• Britney Spears won't give up the argument that Pluto is not a dwarf planet. Her strongest line of defense: "C'mon, y'all!"

• The U.S. men's basketball team again fails to win Olympic gold. This time, the Americans fall to Burkina Faso.

• The Rolling Stones and Bob Dylan embark on a world stadium tour. At the overwhelming request of both Mick Jagger and fans, subtitles will be shown on the JumboTrons.

• Paris Hilton is arrested for shoplifting. She claims she just wanted a "late-night burger," but witnesses say they saw the forever party girl trying to snatch a collar for Tinkerbell from a hotel gift shop.

• Rick DiPietro holds out of Islanders camp, looking for a new contract extension. Apparently, he's miffed that the team added Chris Chelios to the blue line.

Joy Russo is the NHL editor for ESPN.com.