Ref hit in left eye by puck out at least a week

SAN JOSE, Calif. -- NHL referee Rob Martell will miss at least one week of action after getting hit in the left eye with an errant puck during the San Jose Sharks' game against St. Louis.

Stephen Walkom, the NHL's director of officiating, said Friday
that Martell has swelling and blood in his eye, but probably
incurred no long-term damage. He was cleared to fly out of San
Jose, but won't return to the ice for at least another week.

Martell was injured during the third period of the Sharks' 5-4 overtime victory Thursday night. San Jose was on a power play when forward Milan Michalek's shot flew through the crease and hit Martell, who was watching from the far side of the net.

Martell, an NHL referee since 1992, fell face-first on the ice. He stayed down for several moments before being helped to the dressing room by both clubs' training staffs, leaving a pool of blood on the ice behind the Blues' net.