Crosby won't defend himself against diving accusation

PITTSBURGH -- Sidney Crosby brushed off Ted Nolan's comments as gamesmanship Friday, a day after the New York Islanders' coach accused the Pittsburgh star of diving.

"I don't need to defend myself," said Crosby, who has not been called for a diving penalty this season. "I think my play more than shows the type of player I am. I'd be worried if I went out there and did that, but I don't."

Crosby drew a hooking minor from the Islanders' Alexei Yashin in overtime Thursday night that led to the winning power-play goal in the Penguins' 4-3 road victory.

"I think for a world-class player, for a guy his caliber, he's diving every time someone touches him," Nolan said. "The refs said they're going to call it on people who dive. I guess they missed his diving."

Nolan also said the referees should have called Crosby for slashing Yashin immediately before Yashin's hook.

"No question in my mind, he should have been called for a slash before Yashin had a chance to hook him," Nolan said. "I'm not saying Yashin's wasn't a penalty, I'm just saying there should have been a penalty before. If Yashin maybe acted like Crosby and dove, maybe he would have gotten the call."