Report: Schaefer fined for waving towel during game

TORONTO -- It's fine for fans to wave towels at NHL games, but a player doing it is apparently taboo.

According to a report by TSN of Canada's Web site on Friday, Ottawa Senators left winger Peter Schaefer was fined $2,500 by the NHL for waving a towel while on the bench during Wednesday's 6-2 loss to the Washington Capitals.

Apparently unhappy with the officiating in the contest, which saw both teams receive 11 penalties, Schaefer grabbed a white towel and waved it to imply a surrender to the referees. Given the theme of the game, he surprisingly did not receive a penalty for his actions.

Currently in his fourth season with the Senators, the 29-year-old Schaefer has four goals, 14 assists and 12 penalty minutes in 25 games.