Stars president 'sick' of Predators' overall attitude

Stars president Jim Lites couldn't believe the lack of acknowledgement by the Nashville Predators when Dallas forward Mike Modano tied and then broke the record for goals scored by an American-born player Saturday, according to a published report.

"Their owner, management, public relations people, coaching staff -- I think they all failed the game," Lites told the Dallas Morning News. "It's because of people like Mike Modano that they even have a team in Nashville. He has helped pioneer the game in the South, and for him to be treated like that in a milestone moment ... it's just a horrible thing."

Lites' disdain for the Nashville organization wasn't just limited to the events surrounding Modano's record.

"I understand it's a competitive situation, but we're also working together to sell the game," Lites told the paper. "They get more money from revenue sharing than any team in the league, they voted against the new schedule because they wanted to have an easier schedule for themselves. They take and take and take and take and never give back, and I'm sick of it."

Modano's two goals Saturday gave him 503 for his career, breaking Joe Mullen's record. Modano's accomplishment was never mentioned over the PA system at Nashville Arena.