Boyle needs more surgery to repair injured tendons

Tampa Bay Lightning defenseman Dan Boyle will undergo a second surgery on his left wrist after an MRI revealed two of the three severed tendons repaired in a previous surgery were not healing properly.

The surgery will sideline Boyle indefinitely, the team said.

Boyle was injured in a freak locker room accident after a preseason game, when a skate he was hanging up slipped off the hook and struck him in the left wrist, severing three tendons.

"In light of the medical findings ... it is important to note that over the course of the four games he played, Dan may have done so having only one of the three tendons fully intact," Lightning general manager Jay Feaster said. "That he played, and played as many minutes as he did at such a high level of performance, is a testament to the fact that he is a warrior who consistently puts the team first."