NHL in talks to open next season with games in Sweden, Czech Republic

STOCKHOLM, Sweden -- The NHL is in talks to open next season with games in Sweden and the Czech Republic.

"They're in negotiation right now, and if it goes through the games will be played on Oct. 4-5," Swedish Hockey League sports director Tommy Topel said Thursday.

Topel said the Ottawa Senators would play the Pittsburgh Penguins in Stockholm on both days, adding that NHL games are also planned for the same two days in Prague.

"I know that [the] New York Rangers are on the way, and I think that the other team is Tampa Bay Lightning," Topel said.

According to Topel, negotiations have been ongoing between the NHL and Swedish entertainment and sports events promoter EMA Telstar but a deal has yet to be finalized.

Topel said he had received the information from the NHL.