Lafleur trial scheduled

MONTREAL -- Hockey great Guy Lafleur was ordered to stand trial in April on a charge of obstruction of justice.

Lafleur was charged last year after he testified during son Mark's bail hearing on various charges, including uttering death threats, forcible confinement and assault.

The 57-year-old hockey star agreed to supervise his son and ensure he abided by a court-ordered curfew. It was later revealed the elder Lafleur drove his son to a hotel to spend time with a girlfriend.

Authorities issued a warrant for Guy Lafleur's arrest, triggering a media frenzy that Lafleur said humiliated him. His lawyers argued the warrant was illegal and the case should be dropped.

The trial is scheduled for April 16 and 17. Lafleur filed a $2.8 million lawsuit against the police and the government over the warrant.

Quebec court Judge Claude Parent said Wednesday the arrest warrant was unnecessary and the former Montreal Canadiens star should not have had to go to a police station to be charged.

The judge, however, said that didn't mean legal proceedings against Lafleur should be dismissed.

The Quebec court argued it was within its rights to issue the warrant and authorities went out of their way to protect Lafleur's privacy, given his standing in Quebec.