Chris Chelios dismissed KHL idea

DETROIT -- Chris Chelios flirted with the idea of coming out of retirement and playing in the KHL, but the future, sure-bet Hockey Hall of Famer has decided against it. He won't be going to Russia.

"No, I'm not," Chelios told ESPN.com while sitting in his office at Joe Louis Arena on Thursday. "Honestly, I had an agent here two weeks ago and he had mentioned that two teams over there were looking for defensemen. I said, 'Well, go ahead and ask.' I never really got a real offer and to be honest, it wasn't too realistic for me to go over there. I'm having too much fun here watching my own kids.

"I had a plan to go over there but now I'm content with what I'm doing."

Chelios, 47, is enjoying his new job as advisor to hockey operations with the Wings, taking over Steve Yzerman's old office at Joe Louis Arena and working mostly with Detroit's minor league players in Grand Rapids of the AHL. The fire still burns to play, but when he got a brief stint with the Atlanta Thrashers last season, he realized it was time to retire.

"I made my decision," Chelios said. "Atlanta didn't work out last year and I found out I didn't want to be anywhere else other than Detroit and play 10 minutes a game. For Detroit, I would do it tomorrow, because my family is here. Maybe Chicago [his hometown]. But otherwise, there's no place I would want to accept that kind of role other than here."

Pierre LeBrun covers the NHL for ESPN.com.