Agent: Sidney Crosby on track

Former NHL coach Mario Tremblay caused a stir Friday on French sports network RDS in Montreal when he reported that Sidney Crosby's career was in jeopardy because of his concussion issues.

Crosby's agent Pat Brisson released a statement Saturday night firmly rebuking Tremblay.

"It is very disturbing and disappointing to me when someone from the media and especially an ex-player brings such baseless comments toward the medical status of player. Unless a report comes from the medical staff and or an official voice for the player it's of no merit whatsoever,'' Brisson said in a statement he sent ESPN.com and other media outlets.

Crosby is feeling well and at this point is expected at Pittsburgh Penguins training camp in September.

However, it still depends on how Crosby reacts to his summer workouts once they intensify.

Pierre LeBrun covers the NHL for ESPN.com.