Source: Matthew Hulsizer tries again

Prospective owner Matthew Hulsizer has provided a new proposal to Glendale for the purchase of the Phoenix Coyotes, a source told ESPN.com.

This proposal would give the city more options for financing the deal and is more attractive than the deal Glendale previously agreed to, which is presumably still on the books.

The old deal has never moved forward thanks to threats from conservative public interest group The Goldwater Institute that they will sue over the deal, which includes the sale of municipal bonds to help cover the cost of the purchase of the team from the National Hockey League.

Multiple sources said there is a divide within city government with some members of the council wanting to move forward with this new proposal while others, including city manager Ed Beasley, wanting to wait to see if Hulsizer will kick in more of his own money to buy the team or another owner will come forward to buy the team and put less of a financial burden on the municipality.

In May, the Glendale City Council voted to give the NHL $25 million for arena operating costs for next season. It's the second $25 million Glendale will have paid the league.

Scott Burnside covers the NHL for ESPN.com.