2006 NHL free agents list

Here is the complete list of NHL free agents as released by the National Hockey League.

Group 2 (restricted): Players that have been tendered a qualifying offer by their respective clubs and are subject to draft-choice compensation and right to match.

Group 3 (unrestricted): Players that have qualified for Group 3 free agency (age 29 or older with at least eight accrued seasons) and are unrestricted.

Group 6 (unrestricted): Players that are age 25 or older, have completed three or more professional seasons, and in the case of a player other than a goaltender have played fewer than 80 NHL games (regular-season and playoff), or in the case of a goaltender have played fewer than 28 NHL games (regular-season and playoff).

Other unrestricted free agents: Players that were not tendered a qualifying offer and are therefore unrestricted not subject to a right to match or draft choice compensation.